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-Kat F., ,

Could only supply me with two of the three things I was looking for, had to get my other thing elsewhere (the hard way).
-Dawn H., ,

Miles ahead of the competition in all regards. Recommend this little Indian pharmacy.
-Ho Chun W.

Mixed feelings here. Okay service and product and super slow shipping. Good enough is my rating.
-Ellen S.,

Kind of tedious to get the order started, but smooth sailing and nice and strong modafinils in the mail arrived after that.
-Patrick K., H

Gorgeous pharmacist. Wonderful product and service too. Um. LOVE YOU! Thanks so much.
K. Yoshihashi

Recommend this shop, I will.

Arrived and the product is gel caps instead of tablets this time. That’s the way, I LIKE IT! Uh huh uh huh!
-Casey T., Belmont, MA (USA) ,

Great price on generic Cialis and awesome communication, especially for an Indian pharmacy. No offense to India or Indians of course, just matter of fact.
-Man sh. Wong

Pak Ming Liu

Way better than expected. Doubts erased!
-Tracie S.,

Thank you so much. And I truly appreciate that you don’t require a prescription.
-Chien V., Parma ,

Solid Neurontin deal all the way around the world.
-Sonia H., Caribou ,

Hands down the best international transaction I’ve ever had for this type of med. Easy easy easy.
-Pete L.

Not happy with the complexity of the order process, but quite satisfied with the goods and service beyond that point. B++
Rock Lee

Good deal. Will be putting in monthly orders for the foreseeable future.
-Tina O., Sanford

Love these. Makes everything easier.
-Sean K.

Satisfactory as always, but I’m wondering if I can request this specific brand next time? I find it a bit stronger than the last set you sent me. Much appreciated!!!
-Joey N.

Soma/Zopiclone order received with no problems. Smooth sailing and back to work here finally, thank you.
Alex Cheung

Works well. You don’t know what an essential source you guys are. The whole doctor/pharmacist racket here is such a pain.
-Shane S.

Accurate and professional product and service. Would recommend to anyone.
-Evan Y.

Received, thanks. Is there any way to get this as a subscription? You know, where you automatically bill and ship us? That would be a lot more convenient.
Dino Wong

Jackrabbit present! Awesome deal for testo gels.
-Greg V.

Well packed and % satisfied – thanx!!
Cheung Y.E.

First package arrived /, nd package still MIA, should be here soon I hope.
-Vincent L.

Not exactly the friendliest service around, almost machine like with their canned emails. But they do what they say they do.
Cheung W.Y.

Good stuff.
Inez H

x pregab source! (that means perfect/good) 😉

Mike Shu

Easily the best supplier on block. The price, prod., and service is RIGHT!
-Chris Z.,

Got’em, love’em, thank you!
-Ellis T.

Old school feel, like a comfy throwback jersey. A+++
-Bryan F

Wish you would have told me it wouldn’t get here for weeks. Good quality though.
-Deanna G.

All OK!
WONG K. H. ,

No problems, but in my opinion the pain killer selection is limited. Do you carry anything stronger? Please?
-Trey U.,

Thanks—Some order packaged very well—and a speedy delivery!
-Lucia B.

Really old p*nis up and running again, thanks!
-Damian J.

Really sorry about this, but I think the order have been returned to you. I had to go out of town for three weeks and I’m pretty sure it got here while I was gone. Now what?
-Janie M.

Clean sale, happy. Next time though, please don’t write ‘medication’ on the customs declaration form. My coworkers are prone to gossip.
Lau Kin W ,

% satisfied. Was a bit taken back at how casual the whole deal was though. These are strong medications that you’re selling, why don’t you check for prescriptions?
-Arlie J.

Quality product, slow as heck shipping. Would buy from again if I cannot find a faster source.
-Richard A.

These are definitely the trams we’re looking for.
-Irvin O.

Phrew! It’s here. No problem.
-Zachary D.

Prozac order received. But when will you be able to sell Valium again???
-Amanda T.

Arrived finally. God I was nervous. Quality item from a Top Seller. Five Star Service, buy with confidence! A+++++
-Wayne F.

Fast and easy. TY!
-David L.

Great little shop to deal with.
-Rene J.

Received tablets as ordered. I need two of the same order as soon as possible. Earlier the better, but please dispatch a day or more apart.
-Lee H.

Great on all aspects, thanks and God bless, Ami.
-Amelia S.

Really love your service and assistance, thank you.
-Grant Z

-Donald W.

A++++++ all the way thanks.
-Naomi L.

So mint!
-Brett T.

Right off the bat, the one negative I’d have to point out is that the distance the order has to travel makes timing refills really difficult.
-Kim F

-Angelo G

Very good int’l shopping experience. Thanks again!
-Shawn M.

The package came with a little damage on top, due to weather be, but contents intact.
-Tanya U. ,

Yep it works great for me and got here quickly a+++++ many thanks!
-Melody P.

Strange order process, but overall a great value and friendly service the whole way through.
-Candace O.

Just what I needed, but a little slow posting it to me. Please improve.
-Gail A

Trust seller’s honesty – will buy again.
-Ollie H.,

Got the Celebrex. Very good. Thanks, Laurie.
-Lauren B.

Happy with my purchase.
-Eric W.

Great people to work with great products.
-Jeanette R

Received th. Good stuff, but I wanted to ask about payment. Why do new customers only have the choice of Bitcoins or Skrill or whatever? You list something like other payment methods? Who are those for???
-Albert S.

Smooth trans. & rocket fast EMS shipping! STAR Honest meds seller!
-Louis V.

Satisfactory product and service.
-Cameron G.

Small mistake on the order summary but caught and corrected before ship out. All good.
-Maria T.

Reasonable price and good selection of mid range pain medication.
-Emma K.

Very nice. Wish I stumbled upon your store years ago!
-Nikki W.

My favorite pharma shop by a MILE, thank you!!!
-Roy M.

The free shipping method is not a wise choice. Never again. No tracking after India and I had to waste time going to the post office no less than times to finally receive my package.
-Julia Q.