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Where to buy Sun Pharma cabergoline?

Doctors give cabergoline to patients who suffer from a medical condition called hyperprolactinemia, characterized by the enhanced production of prolactin hormone in the body. The drug is also valid as a second-line prolactinoma treatment medication in cases where primary agents like bromocriptine failed. There is enough available evidence to suggest that Cabergoline (generic Dostinex) can be efficient as the first choice drug in treating patients with Parkinson’s disease at an early stage or as part of combination therapy at later stages of this disease. It is often prescribed for treating uterine fibroids and for reducing ACTH levels in patients with Cushing’s syndrome. At last price pharmacy you can buy cabergoline made by SunPharma and called Caberlin. We offer various brands and various payment option inclding credit card paypal bitcoin and ethereum. There are many other india manufactured cabergoline brands in a table below:


What is Caberlin 0.5mg tablet price?

Sun Pharma cabergoline is produced in 0.5mg dose. The product price depends on the quantity of purchased cabergoline and starts from 1$/pill. You can find complete Caberlin 0.5mg price table above. In addition you can review another SunPharma cabergoline brand called cabgoline.

All cabergoline brands can be sold in bulk or wholesale. You can request Caberlin wholesale price by contacting our support team.

The average starting dose of cabergoline is 0.25 mg taken orally twice weekly. Over time, your doctor may choose to increase the dose strength to 1 mg twice a week, based on how well you respond to the therapy. The drug is usually taken orally with some water; however, taking it with food is not forbidden either. To ensure maximum efficiency of the treatment, do not skip the drug administration time or change the dosage without your doctor’s knowledge. Also, for the patient’s own sake, it is advised to carefully watch for any side effects that this medication may produce and report those promptly back to the prescribing physician.

This ergot medicinal drug is found effective in reducing high levels of prolactin hormone in patients. Elevated prolactin levels are normal in pregnant or breastfeeding women, but in other patients, female or male, too much prolactin hormone may indicate some underlying health problems like anorexia, liver or kidney problems, thyroid insufficiency, or pituitary gland tumors. Women who have increased prolactin levels frequently suffer from loss of a cycle, unwanted breast milk production, or struggle to conceive a child. Men can experience breast enlargement or excessive tenderness, decreased testosterone and sperm production, loss of sex drive, and certain other erectile problems.


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