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At My Hong Kong online pharmacy you can buy memantine in Hong Kong and get generic Namenda called Admenta 5mg and 10mg made by Sun Pharma (Sun Pharmaceuticals industries).

The drug Memantine is prescribed to sufferers of intermediate to major Alzheimer’s Disease within several nations, including China, the USA, Canada and Europe. Memantine is used to treat dementia sufferers within Germany, in which nation is known as Akatinol and has been available from 1989 onwards.

Memantine was FDA-approved for distribution within the USA in 2003 and approved for use within Europe in 2002. Memantine can be bought as an XR (extended release) capsule, as an immediate release pill or in a solution.

There are generic forms available as from 2015, which is the year in which the Memantine patent, belonging to Merz Pharmaceutical, expired. The list of the most commonly-occurring adverse effects from Memantine usage runs as follows:

• drowsiness,
• increased blood pressure,
• tiredness,
• constipation,
• disorientation,
• dizziness and
• headaches.

Memantine is the sole pharmaceutical approved by the FDA for treating Alzheimer’s which does not belong to the class of drugs known as acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors. Memantine is a noncompeting antagonist with middling to minimal affinity for neurological NMDA glutamate receptor sites.

Before you buy memantine in Hong Kong it is important to know mechanism of action.

The drug’s primary mechanism is thought to be achieved via blocking the flow of current through those ion channels related to NMDA receptors; this action decreases the level of excitotoxic glutamate release. At the level of NMDA receptors, Memantine displays higher bondage potential than Mg2 ions. The effect of this higher affinity is to inhibit the extended absorption of Ca2+ ions while simultaneously maintaining the temporary physiological excitation of those ion channels via activity-modulated glutamates released to the synapses.

Memantine also serves to antagonize the 5-HT3 (type 3 serotonergic) receptors. Additionally, it has only a minimal affinity for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and will not merge with receptors of other brain-affecting drugs or neurochemicals; hence it is non-competitive. Unaffected pathways include dopamine, adrenergic, GABA receptors, channels for potassium, sodium and voltage-dependent calcium as well as drugs like benzodiazepine.


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