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At MyHongKongPharmacy you can buy selegiline in Hong Kong called Selgin 5mg, a generic manufactured by Intas Pharma, India.

Make sure that you follow directions on your prescription. Your dosage may be changed by your medical specialist to achieve the needed results. Avoid consuming the medication in larger or smaller dosages than prescribed. Also, do not change the drug schedule without talking to your doctor first.

Usually, Selegiline capsules are consumed twice a day, at breakfast and lunch, but you should follow your doctor’s prescription.

A disintegrating pill of Selegiline (Zelapar) has to be consumed without any liquid once a day before breakfast.

While undergoing the treatment and two weeks after you stop, you should avoid consuming foods mentioned in the ‘What should I avoid while using Selegiline?’ part of the guide. Eating such foods can cause high blood pressure that will be dangerous.

Make sure that you keep a pill in its packaging until you are ready to take it. You should carefully peel the foil from the back of the blister. Avoid pushing a tablet through the foil as you can damage it.

Your hands should be dry when you take a tablet and put it on your tongue. A tablet will start dissolving immediately. You should not swallow it whole. Do not chew your tablet and allow it to dissolve.

Do not eat or drink for at least 5 minutes after taking an orally disintegrating tablet. You should not stop taking the drug suddenly or you may experience side effects. Continue taking the drug as prescribed, unless otherwise stated by your doctor.

Make sure that your store the drug at the room temperature and away from the sources of heat and moisture. If you didn’t use tablets that were inside an opened pouch with a blister pack within 3 months, throw them away.

Before you buy selegiline in Hong Kong at online pharmacy check all warnings and precautions of Selgin. The symptoms of overdosing may include hallucinations, sweating, headache, vision problems, clammy skin, fast heartbeats, arrhythmia, fainting, convulsions, or dizziness. If it’s almost time to take another dosage of the drug, you should skip the missed one. Avoid taking an extra tablet to make up for the missed one.


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