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At my Hong Kong  online pharmacy it is possible to order wide range of dutasteride generics for an affordable price. We offer wide range of generic from the various manufactures of India. One of such a generics is Veltride manufactured by Intas Pharma, India. We offer various payment options to use when buying dutasteride obline such as echeck, credit card and Bitcoin.

Dutasteride is a well-known and trusted medication with proven efficacy in treating symptoms of BPH and androgenetic alopecia in men. It is also the main active substance of the branded drug called Avodart.

Dutasteride is a 5α-reductase inhibitor medication designed to repress the transformation of the male sex hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a robust androgenic hormone found in hair follicles, which is behind male-pattern hair loss. The action of Dutasteride is targeted at blocking the 5α-reductase enzyme and not letting it convert testosterone into DHT that hair follicles are sensitive to.

Losing hair while washing or brushing is normal. An average person loses up to 100 hairs per day without even noticing it or feeling distressed about it. Usually, in healthy people, the lost hairs grow back quickly and naturally. However, in men affected by male pattern baldness, hair follicles get weak and narrow in response to high levels of dihydrotestosterone contained therein. Dutasteride helps decrease the DHT levels in follicles and makes them capable of holding hair. As a result, the falling out stops, and the hair becomes healthier and thicker. At our dutasteride online pharmacy you will find another brand called Duprost.

Dutasteride is not the only medication that can put a stop to male-pattern hair loss. There are others, like Finasteride, for example, which has a similar mechanism of action but only works towards inhibiting type II 5-alpha reductase; at the same time, Dutasteride represses both types of this enzyme.

Veltride 0.5 mg tablet price, side effects and withdrawal symptoms

What is the price of Veltride 0.5mg?

Veltride is one of the cheapest dutasteride brands manufactured in India. In the price table above you will find variations of Veltride 0.5mg tablets. Average tablet price is 0.75$ If to buy dutasteride wholesale the Veltride price may be dropped down to 60 cents / tablet. Veltride is in the highest demand among customers from the USA, Australia, UK and Europe

How quickly does Dutasteride kick in?

Dutasteride works individually for different men. Some patients report noticing an improvement of their symptoms within just 3 months into the treatment, while it may take others up to 6 months to understand whether they can achieve the desired results with this medication.

Are there any side effects of Dutasteride Veltride?

Dutasteride may trigger an allergy, so when you begin taking the drug, watch closely for symptoms like hives, swollen tongue or face, running eyes, blocked nose, tightness in the chest, or trouble breathing that can be characteristic of an acute allergic reaction. If you experience any of these, discontinue the medication and seek urgent medical attention.

Patients usually tolerate Veltride 0.5mg well, with only 1 in 10 men experiencing any side effects. The most typical adverse reactions include lack of libido, inability to maintain a hard erection during sex, difficulty climaxing, and engorged breasts. Much rarer side effects of the drug are heart problems, breathlessness, anxiety, and depression. Should you observe any of these symptoms after taking Dutasteride, inform your prescribing physician right away.

Are there any withdrawal symptoms when one stops taking Dutasteride?

The withdrawal of Dutasteride normally does not cause any worsening of the symptoms in patients. However, there is a 50% likelihood of withdrawal symptoms occurring in men over the age of 60 who have been taking this mdeicine for over a decade and are affected by prostatic diseases, which they treat with specific medications such as Flomax.

Dutasteride is a very potent medication that doctors tend to prescribe with great caution, and only when other treatments have failed to help. Upon performing a thorough physical examination and running all the required tests, your doctor will decide whether generic Avodart is a suitable option for you. If he thinks that the drug’s risks surpass its benefits in your case, your doctor will prescribe another drug that he deems safer.


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